Closeup of the mouth of a celebrity who had braces as an adult

Celebrities Who Had Braces as Adults

November 17, 2020 12:50 am

Many celebrities have stunning smiles that are straight and white, but very few people are born that way. They undergo restorative and cosmetic dentistry to get those beautiful smiles! Here are five celebrities that had braces as adults:

Gwen Stefani

In 1999, Gwen Stefani got noticeable metal braces when she was 30 years old. She flashed them proudly, telling Harper’s Bazaar that she’d always wanted them, but her family couldn’t afford the treatment. Once she hit it big with her band No Doubt, she was able to get braces to shift her teeth into a better position.

Faith Hill

In 2013, country superstar Faith Hill (who was 45 years old at the time) showed up to the Grammy’s with ceramic braces. She admitted that after she had braces as a kid, she didn’t wear her retainer. Later in life, she needed braces because her teeth had become misaligned again.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise opted for subtle ceramic braces at the age of 40. He first showed them off on the red carpet for his film Minority Report. It was not the first dental treatment the superstar had gone through. He started his career with discoloration and alignment issues, which he addressed with teeth whitening and other treatments.

Nicolas Cage

In 2003, Nicolas Cage got braces on his lower teeth to correct their misalignment and make it easier to keep them clean and healthy.

Faye Dunaway

At the age of 61, Faye Dunaway decided to give her smile an upgrade with braces. The actress always had a beautiful smile, but her teeth shifted as she got older. When giving her reasons for braces, Dunaway mentioned Tom Cruise, saying she was “right in style.” Once the braces came off, she also got veneers.

There Is No Age Limit to Achieve a Perfect Smile!

Braces are commonly worn by kids and teenagers, but if you didn’t have braces during childhood or your teeth have shifted, you can get orthodontic treatment as an adult! It’s not too late to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. At Meason Orthodontics, we’re proud to offer both clear and metal braces, as well as clear aligners. Contact us to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Meason!


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