Our Modern Technology in Weatherford, TX

Our practice utilizes state-of-the-art orthodontic technology that makes treatment convenient, comfortable, and efficient. Experience the difference of working with a modern orthodontic office and schedule a consultation with us today!
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Digital X-Rays

Modern digital X-rays offer a number of different benefits.

For starters, they are quick to use and typically require fewer retakes. The software also allows dental professionals to zoom in and enhance certain parts of the X-rays to ensure that nothing important is missed. They also emit less radiation, which patients and orthodontists alike appreciate.

Orthodontics X-ray

Panoramic X-Rays

Panoramic X-rays offer a full view of a patients’ teeth, gums and jawbone all at once, which is essential for creating orthodontic plans. Correcting misaligned teeth involves different parts of the mouth and jaw, so it is very important that we get a clear picture of everything that is being affected.

Photo of our equipment

Smile Preview Software

Before you have your metal braces applied or receive your first Invisalign aligner, we can give you a pretty good idea of what your smile will look like at the end of your treatment by using smile preview software. Orthodontics is one of the few fields that allow patients to see what their “after” picture will look like before their treatment even begins!

Orthodontics appointment

iTero Intraoral Scanner

Dental impressions are not only messy and uncomfortable, they also tend to be inaccurate and can take multiple attempts to get right. Intraoral cameras are quick and efficient at taking high-quality digital impressions that can be used to start the orthodontic process right away.

closeup of a person holding a set of clear aligners

Same-Day Retainers

Once your braces are removed, digital impressions will be taken, which are very accurate, efficient, and do not require goopy dental putty. Then, our SprintRay Pro Dental 3D Printer will use the impressions to print a 3D model of your teeth. From that 3D model, we can fabricate same-day clear retainers, which means you’ll receive your retainers right away instead of waiting weeks to get them from an off-site lab.

In-House Clear Aligners

Our office is proud to be able to design and create custom clear aligners right here in our office. In-house clear aligners essentially cut out the middle man, which results in lower costs for our office and our patients. Our in-house aligners are durable and high-quality, so patients will still see excellent results in a short time frame.