Orthodontic Consultation in Weatherford, TX

While you know a straight smile is your ultimate goal, you may be wondering how to get there. When it comes to selecting orthodontic treatment, the array of information can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. At Meason Orthodontics, our team is happy to help you find an orthodontic solution that can fit your needs, lifestyle, and preferences. Give our office a call to set a consultation with our orthodontist in Weatherford, TX!

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What is an orthodontic consultation?

The orthodontic consultation is the initial appointment that can get you started on your journey to a straighter smile! The orthodontic consultation is a great way to understand how orthodontic treatment can benefit you and your smile. During the consultation for braces or other orthodontic treatment, you’ll have the chance to meet the team who will help you work towards your smile goal and learn about each orthodontic treatment step.

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Which is the best orthodontic treatment?

With many orthodontic treatments available, you may wonder if there is a best one. However, the current condition and severity of your teeth will determine the best orthodontic treatment for you. While the best and effective orthodontic treatment may rely on the status of your teeth, that doesn’t mean popular orthodontic options aren’t possible! Our team is happy to help determine the best orthodontic treatment for your smile at your consultation for braces or clear aligners.

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What can I expect at an orthodontic consultation?

During your consultation appointment, you can expect to learn a lot and hopefully make the decision to start your treatment. When you come in for a consultation, our highly skilled team will examine your teeth, potentially take X-rays, answer your questions, go over your budget to help you feel comfortable and confident about treatment. If you’re ready to schedule your orthodontic consultation in Weatherford, TX, give our office a call. Our team will be happy to set you up a consultation appointment!

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