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Foods to Avoid When You Get Braces

June 29, 2022 1:16 am

When you have metal or ceramic braces, you need to take extra precautions so you don’t break your brackets and wires. For example, you should avoid eating certain foods that might damage your braces and increase your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Here are some foods you should avoid when you get braces:


Popcorn kernels easily get stuck between your teeth and under your gums. Braces make it even harder to remove the pesky kernels, which can result in pain and inflammation. An unpopped kernel can also break a bracket. Hold off on this buttery movie snack until your treatment is complete.

Sticky & Hard Candy

Sticky candies like taffy and caramel can linger in the grooves of your teeth, increasing your risk of tooth decay and cavities. They can also get stuck in your braces and become extremely difficult to remove.

Hard candy that you bite down on or suck on can damage your braces and the roof of your mouth. Plus, the high sugar content encourages the growth of bad oral bacteria.


Nuts, while healthy and full of nutrients, can be extremely hard on your braces. Wait until your treatment is finished to enjoy this snack!


Biting down on ice cubes is a dangerous habit with and without braces. An ice cube can crack a tooth and break your braces. If your mouth feels swollen and painful after a recent adjustment of your braces, there are safer remedies. For example, eating frozen yogurt or a smoothie can provide some relief. Or ice your cheeks using a bag of frozen peas.

Raw Veggies

Chewing on crunchy raw vegetables like carrots, celery, and broccoli can put harmful pressure on your brackets and wires. Save the veggies and dip for after you get your braces off.

Corn on the Cob

Avoid biting corn directly off the cob when you have braces because it can break your brackets. Instead, cut the corn off the cob and eat with a spoon or fork.

Pizza Crust

Pizza crust can be hard, crunchy, and chewy all at once, which are all harmful to braces. Cut your crust into small, bite-sized pieces or skip it entirely.

Easy Foods to Eat with Braces

It’s best to opt for soft foods that are gentle on both your braces and teeth, like flavorful soups, mashed potatoes, soft cheeses, oatmeal, yogurt, pasta, soft fruit, and so forth.

Please contact us if you or your child have any questions about whether a food is safe to eat with braces!


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