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Home Remedies for Braces Pain

December 7, 2019 9:41 pm

Although braces ultimately yield amazing results, they can be painful when you first get them on, when you get them tightened, and at various other times throughout the process. Luckily, we have some simple pain relief tips for you in this blog post. So read on to learn a few remedies to relieve your braces pain.

  1. Keep it Cool
  2. An ice pack or another type of cold compress is a good thing to have waiting in the freezer if you’re a braces-wearer. Braces pain is often due to swelling and inflammation, and that’s where the chill will come in handy. for extra relief, try consuming something very cold like low-sugar ice cream or a smoothie. Just never chew on ice. It’s always dangerous, but especially with braces. Ice could break a bracket, wire, or tooth, completely derailing your treatment.

  3. Wax On
  4. If the issue is that of the brackets or wires poking and scraping the inside of the mouth, dental wax will be your best friend. You can get dental wax from our office or your local pharmacy. It’s a special type of soft wax that’s easy to mold over any irritating protrusions of your braces. Before applying, make sure the area is clean and dry. Once on, it will effectively smooth the area and help protect your mouth from future cuts and sores.

  5. Pain Relief Products
  6. Other solutions for braces pain include oral pain-relief gel and over-the-counter pain relief medications. These are good to have on hand in case dental pain strikes.

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