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Tips to Keep Braces Clean This Thanksgiving

November 20, 2021 2:15 am

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite days of the year. We look forward to spending time with our loved ones and sharing a delicious meal! We wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving.

If you have braces, there are certain foods you should avoid to keep your braces clean and intact. Here are some tips to keep your braces safe this Thanksgiving.


Instead of crispy and crunchy foods that can get stuck or damage your braces, opt for soft appetizers like cheeses, soft breads, spreads, and soups.

Main Course

You can absolutely enjoy turkey, ham, or chicken, but don’t eat it off the bone. Mashed potatoes, bread rolls, and stuffing are all fine to eat with braces because they’re soft and pillowy.

Avoid biting into corn on the cob, hard raw vegetables like carrots and broccoli, and crunchy bread.


Soft and creamy desserts are safe for braces if you thoroughly rinse with water after enjoying. Avoid sticky desserts that could damage your braces, such as pecan pie, toffee, and caramel apples.

Carry a Dental Kit

If you’re having Thanksgiving dinner at a loved one’s home, carry a dental kit with you to keep your braces clean, including a soft-bristled toothbrush, dental wax, floss and floss threaders, a compact mirror, and lip balm. In fact, this kit is a good thing to take with you whenever you’re away from home!

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