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Orthodontist vs. Mail-Order Aligners

March 30, 2022 4:07 am

It’s hard not to love the convenience of ordering items online and receiving them in the mail shortly after. However, when it comes to ordering orthodontic treatments, there are far more benefits of seeing an orthodontist over receiving aligners via mail!

Personalized Treatment

Mail-order aligners may have you eagerly waiting at your doorstep or mailbox for its arrival, but they aren’t nearly as personalized as when visiting a trained orthodontist like Dr. Meason for clear aligners

It’s unlikely that mail-order aligners will resolve all orthodontic issues to your utmost satisfaction, especially if you have a severe case of misalignment. In contrast, when visiting an orthodontist, there’s no doubt you’ll receive personalized treatment that will make your teeth straightening journey as efficient as possible. In-person orthodontic treatment allows you to ask questions and receive regular adjustments that will guide you to exceptional results.

Necessary Services Included

Without X-rays and other diagnostic steps, how else can the best treatment plan for your smile be created? In-person orthodontics involves every necessary evaluation and treatment that will make sure your treatment starts at the right trajectory and progresses as desired.

Better Treatment Cost

Without regular visits with an orthodontist, you risk incorrectly aligning your teeth. With mail-order aligners you typically “get what you pay for”. They may be more affordable upfront but in the long-run may cost you more money if you require another round of in-office treatment to fix any negative results of your cheaper aligners-by-mail treatment.

If mail-order aligners caught your eye due to the cost, speak with our office about our accepted insurances and payment plans.

Orthodontic Treatment

Are you considering orthodontic treatment? Schedule a visit with our team at Meason Orthodontics! We’re always happy to help patients that come into our office looking for a straighter smile. From clear aligner treatment to retainers that help maintain your newly straight smile, we have it all.


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