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When Is the Right Time for Braces?

May 31, 2022 4:21 pm

Children ideally have their first orthodontic consultation around age 7. Your child may or may not benefit from early orthodontic intervention; we can let you know our recommendation after this appointment! Early interceptive treatment, such as space maintainers or palatal expanders, can help guide the development of your child’s jaw and bite, and reduce the time they spend in braces later.

But whether or not they had earlier treatment as a child, teenagers and adults can achieve a beautiful smile with orthodontics. There isn’t a set timeline for when a patient should get braces. The timing will be different for everyone based on their unique circumstances!

If you have misalignment and are trying to decide the right time to get braces, there are a few factors you should consider. For example:

  • Can you afford orthodontic treatment? – Look over your monthly income and expenditures to determine if braces are a feasible investment right now. At Meason Orthodontics, we offer several payment options to lessen the financial burden, including CareCredit® financing. This splits your treatment into manageable monthly payment.
  • Will you be moving soon? – Average treatment time for braces is between 12-24 months. If you move before your treatment ends, you’ll need to finish up with another orthodontist. While this is possible, it’s easier to stick with one provider your entire treatment. If you are in a transient position, it may be better to wait until you’re settled in your new area.
  • Do you have the extra time required for your oral hygiene and appointments? – Orthodontic treatment requires thorough brushing and flossing in the morning, at night, and after meals. If you have clear aligners, they also need to be regularly cleaned. Plus, you’ll have frequent checkups to be sure your treatment is progressing. It may be better to wait on orthodontic treatment if you’re really busy or stressed out right now.

Straightening your teeth will do more than simply enhance your smile’s appearance and boost your confidence. It can also improve your overall oral health by making oral hygiene easier and reducing your risk of dental disease.

Orthodontic Treatment Options

Clear aligner therapy offers a more discreet orthodontic option than traditional metal braces. However, the patient must keep track of their aligners and remember to wear them. Ceramic braces are another alternative. The tooth-colored brackets are not as noticeable as metal brackets but are still attached to the teeth throughout the treatment, making it impossible to lose them or forget to wear them.

Experienced Orthodontist in Weatherford, TX

At Meason Orthodontics, we empower our patients with the information they need to decide the right timing for their orthodontic treatment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!


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